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Price List IPv4

  • /24 (256 IP's) - $360/mo
  • /23 (512 IP's) - $660/mo
  • /22 (1.024 IP's) - $1030/mo
  • /21 (2.048 IP's) - $1450/mo
  • ≥ /20 - Contact us

Price List IPv6

  • /32 (64k /48s) - $80/mo
  • /29 (512k /48s) - $450/mo
  • ≥ /28 - Contact us

Why lease at Hostperl:

  • Long Term Planning
  • Usable worldwide
  • Search by Geolocation
  • Cost Effective

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The autonomous system number that will be announcing the IPv4 addresses

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Features of Hostperl Lease IP Address

Hostperl Provides following features to their customers for Lease IP Address

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Long-Term Availability

Hostperl allow leasing IPv4 for your chosen period of time.

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